Molla's puppy project at Tiger's Chaos 2003 / 2004

Molla's puppy project begins in spring 2002, when I made an agreement with Pirjo to breed "Molla", Int* & Fin & Est & N Ch BaltW-00 Plaudite Ice Queen (* waiting for confirmation), under my prefix Tiger's Chaos. There has been lots of happenings since then, joy and sorrow. Sorrow two times, Molla didn't get pregnant in winter 2002 and summer 2003.

Fall 2003 I decided to use another male for Molla.

Now, in winter 2004 she really is pregnant and puppies will born on week 8-9 in February :)

Sire of the litter is Multi Ch Boxing Helena's XLNT Man "Selleman", who was living here with me for four months. It was September 2003 when I was on holiday in Italy and on my way home, I took Selleman from Belgium. This Belgian gentleman was just what I had dreamed of, very sweet character and from the first moments at our home, he was one of us. He slept in our bed as our other dogs and soon he learned to sit in Finnish :)

Selleman got nice placements in shows during his stay here, the highlight was his first Finnish show in Oulu in November when he got Finnish Championtitle being BOS with CC and CACIB! Selleman went back home to Belgium in January 2004 where he was already greatly missed by his owners.

I want to thank you, Bart & Werner & Leona, for this wonderful opportunity to have Selleman in Finland and breed with him!

So, Molla was mated by Selleman in December 2003. Molla is owned by Pirjo and living in Ylistaro, so we didn't want to take any risks by causing Molla stress so she stayed at home, Selleman and I went there. And the matings were successful! It was LOVE, at least Selleman was very much in love with Molla :)

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